About Robin

My name is Robin. I’m 40 years young. Wife to Steve, and mom to Jake (18) and Caleb (15). We reside in Muskegon, MI. I’m a 4+ years out gastric bypass patient. I lost over 200 lbs., and regained my LIFE. Best decision I ever made. Now, my biggest battle is fighting off regain and becoming comfortable with my body. What am I going to blog about? Well, whatever is on my mind. I am sure I will write a lot about my WLS journey, and product reviews if I find something I love, but I will also share my adventures in parenting, and various topics that interest me. I am a HUGE Detroit Tigers fan, so you might see a little baseball talk too!!

Random things I love – coffee, flip-flops, pedicures, cheese (almost all cheeses), dates with my hubby, spending time with my sister and my beautiful great-nephew, Keegan, music (all kinds from country to rock), bubble baths, summer cookouts and bon-fires with friends, my friends – online and off, butterflies, girls night out, SCENTSY (I am also a Scentsy Consultant – visit my website HERE ), downy fresh sheets, hoodie weather, flowers blooming in the spring, cherry coke (but I don’t drink it anymore), and more than anything else?!?! The fact that I can enjoy my life again!!!

I try to be a positive person, and I like to surround myself with positive people. Does that mean I don’t have bad days when I rant and rave and need an attitude adjustment? Nope. I said I TRY to be positive. I TRY to be grateful. I TRY to see the good in situations. Or, at least some humor!! I also tend to not take a lot of shit. From anyone. Fair warning!! 😉



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